Segway Tours

All of our Segway® Ecology Tours are conducted on the second generation Segway X2 model, a beefed up version of the original Segway PT specifically designed for off-road use in the woods with larger tires and heavy duty construction.  Because these Segways are battery powered they are extremely quiet and emit no noxious fumes like ATVs or other internal combustion powered vehicles.  And unlike ATVs, the Segway also leaves no ruts or other environmental damage in the woods.  The Segway is certainly the most environmentally friendly powered human transporter ever invented.

 We begin with a short video from the Segway factory which explains the operation of the Segway.  Participants are required to sign a waiver and then it’s off to get helmets and begin the orientation session.  Most people can master the easy handling characteristics of the Segway in 10 to 15 minutes.  We start the orientation session on a level gravel area just outside the building where riders learn the subtle weight shift control of the Segway, turning right and left and safe controlled stops.  Riders then proceed to more hilly terrain.  Once everyone has sufficient confidence and authority controlling the Segway they are ready for a tour of our property.

We begin the tour on a trail through the Christmas tree fields and into the Sugar Bush, a 40 acre stand of predominantly Maple trees located on the west side of Cobble Hill.    There are several more challenging steeper sections of these trails that allow riders to become more familiar with operation of the Segway on steep trails.

Allow two hours for this experience.

The cost of the tour is $59 per person.


The top of Cobble Hill is 900 feet above sea level, 300 feet above the barn.  Enjoy stunning views of the Lake Champlain Valley from the top.  On a clear day you can see Canada 40 miles to the north.  You must demonstrate strong Segway handling skills to be able to safely control the Segway on the descent from the summit.  The tour guide will make the decision if you have adequate skills to summit Cobble Hill.  The summit tour takes an additional half an hour.

Add $20 per person for the summit tour.