Sharp Farm

We are closed for the 2017 season.  See you next year.

Our Christmas tree plantation includes over 10,000 trees now and occupies approximately six acres in the northwest corner of Sharp Park. We have over 300 mature Christmas trees ranging from 3 to 16 feet tall this year.  Choose and cut your own Balsam fir, Douglas fir, Frasier fir, Blue spruce, or White pine, all expertly pruned and shaped by the hands of Rick Sharp and Ruth Masters:

Trees under 4 feet                                  $30

4-5 feet                                                   $35

5-8 feet (most trees)                               $40

Add $6 per foot for taller trees.

Demand for choose and cut trees in Chittenden County this year will far outstrip the supply available.  To get a good tree we advise you to come by early in the season.  We may run out of trees this year.


I bought Cobble Hill in 1984 with the intention of teaching hang gliding there.  As we cleared the flatter areas on the north side of the hill of small trees that had grown into the former cow pastures there, we began to think about a  cash crop we could plant around the landing zones to help pay taxes  and other expenses and that would not injure errant pilots.  Sharp Farm was born.

We started out planting 200 trees in 1984.  Then 400, then 800.  Then the drought of 1988 killed our entire planting of 1,000 trees.  We devised a method of keeping track of newly planted trees for watering with multi-colored plastic flags that tell us what year the tree was transplanted into the field from our nursery. You’ll see them in the fields. We started selling trees choose and cut in 1995.

We built our retail barn for Christmas trees and wreaths in 2009 out of Pine trees harvested from our property.  The barn provides our guests with bathroom facilities and a great place to get warm and have a hot chocolate while searching for a Christmas tree or snow tubing in the winter time.