We are closed for the season. 

See you in the fall.

Updated 2/28/18


snowtubing at Sharp Park


snowtubing at Sharp Park

All sliding is free on your own equipment.

We charge $10 per car for admission.  If you rent a snow tube we waive the admission fee.

Snow tube rentals are $12 for two hours.

Hope to see you at Sharp Park soon.

Check out the video below:

A great snow tubing hill starts out steep, gets you the thrill of sliding fast downhill and then gives you a long way to carry your momentum all the way to the bottom of the hill.  At Cobble Hill that’s over a quarter of a mile!  That’s a great tubing hill.

We are now the only snow tubing facility open to the public and renting snow tubes in northern Vermont.


Bring your own helmet or stop in at the barn.  We have 35 children’s helmets and 10 helmets for adults free of charge.  Your child will not be allowed to slide without a helmet.  If you have any old helmets you would like to donate, please bring them with you.

Although Cobble Hill is suitable for all kinds of sliding devices from snowboards to jack jumps to flexible flyers and Hammerhead sleds, snow tubes work best because of a stable center of gravity (your butt) and the tendency of the tube to ride up over unpacked snow.  We do not allow “monster (oversized) tubes” at Sharp Park.  They are unsafe.

We are taking reservations for snow tubing birthday parties in January and February now.  We have limited space so book your reservations early.


The lower slope is more gradual and suitable for younger children.  The upper slope is steep to very steep with 300 feet of vertical from the landing zone.  It is suitable for only the most experienced skiers and boarders above the 75 foot paraglider launch (a quarter of the way up the hill).

Snow tubes work best from the 75 foot launch or lower on the slope.  The idea is to pick up speed on the steeper slope and carry the speed out onto the flatter, more gradual slope for a smoother ride as far down the slope as you can go.


We have carved a chute into the hill just below the lower portion of the old logging road to the top for a quarter mile ride to the lower fields.  We will be packing and grooming this chute to get a nice smooth ride to just above the barn.

Cobble Hill is a walk up site.  We purposely don’t have lifts because we want to encourage kids to get plenty of exercise walking back up hill.  On good sliding days with a lot of people on the hill, we will provide a Hill Monitor to supervise sliding activities.  The Hill Monitor will disallow any sliding activity deemed to be too dangerous for conditions existing at that time.  All people sliding on the hill must obey the Hill Monitor’s directions or they will be ejected from the property.

Have fun, but use common sense and be safe at all times.