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Segway     PT Tours at Sharp Park


All of our Segway PT Tours are conducted on the second generation Segway X2, a beefed up version of the original Segway specifically designed for off-road use.  Because these Segways are battery powered they are extremely quiet and emit no noxious fumes like ATVs or other internal combustion powered vehicles.

Segway tours at Sharp Park are fun for all ages!
Join us on a Segway tour of Sharp Park today!

After a training video and a brief hands on introduction to the Segway, we begin the tour on a trail through the Christmas tree fields and into the sugar bush.  There are several more challenging steeper sections of these trails that allow riders to become more familiar with operation of the Segway on steep trails.

The cost of the tour is $69 per person.

You may also be interested in a Segway tour of downtown Burlington.  We offer one and two hour Segway tours of the Burlington waterfront, downtown and the University of Vermont with an historical narrative delivered by radio as we roll along.  This is a great introduction to Burlington where you can see five times what you could have on foot with a personal tour guide to boot.

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