Snow Tubing at Sharp Park

"The best sliding hill ever!"

"The mother of all sliding hills."

Those are probably the best one line descriptions of snow tubing at Sharp Park that we hear from our guests all the time.

Check out these videos:

Check out this snow tubing birthday party captured in a "Stuck in Vermont" YouTube video:


Due to a lack of snow we will not be open for snow tubing this weekend.


Due to the pandemic we are keeping the barn closed again this year.

We will still have hot chocolate and snacks available on the deck.

Please plan accordingly.


Updated 12/3/21

Sliding Fees

All sliding is at your own risk.  We charge a $10 per car gate fee.

We also rent snow tubes for $20 each.  We have 40 tubes so no reservations necessary.  If you rent at least one tube we waive the parking fee.

So if you bring your own sliding devices Sharp Park is only $10 for a whole car full of fun.


The Chute

Snow tubing at Sharp Park is a unique winter sliding experience.  Unlike other snow tubing hills with short straight lanes, we have carved a chute into the side of the hill to create a quarter mile track for snow tubing like a bobsled or luge run.  The other option is to slide off the side of the face of the hill.  Either way it's a lot of winter fun you will remember for the rest of your life.

A great snow tubing hill starts out steep, gets you the thrill of sliding fast downhill and then gives you a long way to carry your momentum all the way to the bottom of the hill.  At Cobble Hill that's over a quarter of a mile!  That's a great tubing hill.


Our site is a walk up site.  That means we don't have lifts yet.  (See below)  You have to hike back up the hill.

ALL SLIDING AT YOUR OWN RISK and everyone must be familiar with sliding rules and abide by them. 

ALL CHILDREN MUST WEAR HELMETS.  Bring your own or pick out one of ours in the barn.  They are free to use.

Are you interested in following winter conditions and/or the future of snowtubing at Sharp Park?

We are thinking of adding a magic carpet lift to our snow tubing operation if we can get enough interest.  We will be posting a survey at Facebook to gauge interest in a lift for the area.


If you would like to be added to our snow tubing alert list and receive an email when we get a dump of snow and have good conditions, leave us your email at or follow our Facebook page.



New This Year

Son of Chute


Bigger, faster, more curves, more vertical and more fun.  Ten years of snow tubing experience at Sharp Park has allowed us to design a super chute with five major cures for your sliding enjoyment.


From a special “launch pad” start your slide with a quick swish around a corner into the upper chute.  Follow that by a wide steep curve to the left and another to the right.  The final two curves take the tube to a gentle stop on top of the septic mound.


It’s exhilarating!  Check it out this winter.